Meet Daleeda. 

Head Dreamer, Mama & Qualified Florist.

Hey gorgeous, so lovely to meet you, mama!


I’m Daleeda, handmaker of floral nursery mobiles and décor with premium faux flowers.


I’ve always been a creator and I’m delighted to make floral pieces that style your baby’s room as perfectly as you imagined.

I’ve always been that girl who’s chasing dreams - we all have a little girl inside of us, right?


I know I do. She’s a princess who wants to live in a fairy tale world where houses are made of candy, she lives in gorgeous gowns and there’s always a knight in shining armour.

She lives in a world where dreams do come true. Ok, our reality might not look quite like that…


But we still want to create a sweet haven of love for our babies in their nursery. It’s a sacred space. To nourish and nurture your own little girl, where bonds are created and moments are cherished. To share whispers and tears, fairy tales and cuddles. To watch her grow and write the first chapters of her own story.

Floral nursery decor for your happily ever after

Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but the flowers I use in all my creations are faux. But they look – and feel – so real that you can’t tell.

I started out providing wedding prop hire and then moved into styling and doing florals for weddings. When I became a mum, I transferred my florist experience and all those years of wedding styling into making pretty pieces for babies’ rooms.

That’s why the flowers I use for my nursery décor are wedding-quality and made to last. I know that setting up your baby’s room all adds up – especially when you’re a first time mum.


So you can enjoy your mobile, hoop or chandelier now in the nursery and move it to the big girl room as your daughter grows.

Every piece I craft is customised to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re nesting, redecorating or gifting, I would be thrilled to play a role in creating your fairy tale space.

If you have any questions, requests or just want to talk nursery décor, I’d love to chat.

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